Vertical Spectrum
I’m always very satisfied from the works with Rober,
great communication and high profile perfectly matched masters, without any unexpected modification.
Pole Group, Tsunami, Granulart, Nachtstrom Schall.

Space (GR)
Direct response, incredible professionalism,
awesome mastering work!
The three characteristics of Roberto (RPL)
Corpus Black

Bruno Ledesma
RPL totally recommended, great mastering
service, both in attention, speed and sound quality!
From now, Roberto will be my primary engineer.
Concepto Hipnótico

H. Paul
100% recommended,
impeccable and effective sound.
Induxtriall Records

Logical Methods
Excellent work. Sound quality and punctuality.
All releases go through RPL.
Highly recommended!
Logical Methods Records

Right Peak Level
is always
great quality.

Bernardo Hangar
Seriousness and professionalism,
Right Peak Level
100% recommended.
Tattva Music

Rober is a great professional, I’ve been sending him material
for mastering of different styles for many years and he always
succeeds, unbeatable treatment. Highly recommended.
Subsist Records

Alex Alvarez
I’ll definitely
be back for more.
Envy Music

Rolando Hodar
Robert quality masters and services keep me
a very happy client. Top quality masters.
I’ll be sure to use his services for quite some time.
Aerotek Recordings

Depth Distance
Right Peak Level
and Roberto make
great works.
Intrusion Records & Intrusion Series Ltd

I´ve been working with RPL every releases of my label since
the beginning. Working with Right Peak Level is the
synonym of quality, professionally and trust.
Cinética Inerte Label

RPL Audio Mastering is our ‘go to’ mastering service.
Rober does an amazing job, he works fast and
the communication is clear. Super recommended!

Marc Brunés
Always great mastering work
in every release from RPL.
Highly recommended!
MainConcept Music

Andrea Belluzzi
Always quality masters from Right Peak Level Audio
Mastering studio, I’ve listened it several times in
Berghain and all the tracks sounded amazing.

Dr Hoffmann
We love Robert’s mastering work, it makes
difference to the music and not to mention
the quick delivery. Highly recommended!
Blind Spot Music

Great job from Roberto, all about Right Peak Level
inspire me professionalism, compromise and reliability.
Recommend you all!
Nodrize Records

Jose Antonio eMe
I’m very happy with RPL results.
Always punctual and high quality sound.
We’ll continue working with them.
Offsite Records